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Outfits Bewitched

Muy actuales!!

You Won't Believe These Little-Known Bewitched Facts | HyperActivz

Prima Serena, embrujada

Elizabeth Montgomery Bewitched promo picture


Bewitched, Three Men and a Witch on a Horse (1971),  Elizabeth Montgomery

Photo: Elizabeth Montgomery : 16x12in

Sam goes diving in a pool conjured by witchcraft.  Mrs. Kravitz happens to peer over the fence ...


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Resultado de imagen de outfits bewitched

Inspiration--Bewitched by 1960s Shift Dresses | GlamAmor

Elizabeth Montgomery

Samantha Stephens Skirt

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Bewitched, S7 E1.To Go or Not to Go, That Is the Question . Elizabeth Montgomery,


magicofoldies: “Elizabeth Montgomery ”

Samantha shimmers in silver in this HOT mini in Season Five's "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall."  This RARE photo was just recently discovered by Mark Simpson. It, quite frankly, is one of my most favorite photos of Liz.

Besos y feliz martes!!!

Liz shows one of her cute expressions...

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