martes, 27 de marzo de 2018


Sigue el camino de baldosas amarillas...


Entrar en escena

Northern Cape :South Africa. Namaqualand in bloom

Follow the yellow brick road

Het mooie Westerwolde van vroegevogels

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***Footpath and stormy sky (near Kettlewell, Yorkshire Dales, England) by Gideon Chilton cr.c.

En el camino de ladrillos amarillos, recuerdo la cancion de Elton Jhon.....

Country lane (no location given) by Dave Edmonds

The Wizard of Oz

A Place in the Country : Photo

#TheWizardOfOz (1939)

A nice walk :)

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Besos y feliz martes!!!
Wizard of Oz will alwayssss be one of my favorite movies, but after seeing Wicked I can't see it the same way as before... :)

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