viernes, 12 de enero de 2018

Just imagine

Mezcolanza de imágenes con o sin sentido...

Resultado de imagen de just imagine 1930

The day after Carrie Fisher’s death , Debbie Reynolds suffered a suspected stroke and emergency services were called to her son Todd Fisher’...:


Imagen relacionada

"Just Imagine" is a unique American film. Made in 1930, it's a romantic musical science fiction comedy set in the then-futuristic year of 1980.  Apparently the future looks very Art Deco-ish and men's suit designs haven't changed.:

The Silver Screen Affair: "The Wizard of Oz"

The year 1980 - Just imagine (1930):

June 15, 1965: This is a last day of school photo:

1980 just imagine (1930):

licking icicles - broken off the roof or off of trees:

Just Imagine; NY in 1980 imagined from the Great Depression.:

two children have great fun hanging upside down off a low rail in stockport, 1966  photo by shirley baker:

pillow fight.. I remember doing this many a time ..never had the pleasure of Feathers flying though ..that would have been even more fun ! Wa- hooooo !:

WE HAD FRIENDS and we went OUTSIDE and found them! We didn't log on to see their status.:

The Beatles killing time between performances in Margate, England, in July 1963:

Do you remember how we wore dresses to Birthday Partys? 1957 | Flickr:

Besos y feliz jueves!!!

city-of-the-future (1980) model constructed as the backdrop for some scenes in the 1930 movie "Just Imagine."  This photo includes tiny models of aircraft that lend believability to the movie.:

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  1. Con sentido, el de la felicidad y las risas. Un abrazo

  2. Me hace mucha gracia la imagen del niño chupando el hielo. Hasta hace poco pensaba que era una cosa de mi hermano y mia de pequeños, pero estoy descubriendo últimamente que a muchos crios nos daba por hacer lo mismo.

  3. ¡Son imágenes impactantes y divertidas! Me encanta, muy conseguido.
    Un abrazón.

  4. Mola!
    Guerra de recuerda a cuando dormía en casa de mi abuela...
    : )