jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017

Saliendo al exterior..

El buen tiempo  de hoy...
...anima a ello.

Lauren Bacall was just 19 when Hollywood – and a 44-year-old Humphrey Bogart – set eyes on her. It was in their first on-screen pairing that the actress uttered one of her most famous lines. ‘You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve?’ she asked her handsome co-star in To Have and Have Not. ‘You just put your lips together ... and blow’:

Clark Gable at home, 1930s:

Natalie Wood with her silver toy poodle.:

Esther Williams’ very own pool. July, 1948.:

This is the background on my computer right now. Perfect for summer.:

Claudette Colbert enjoys the sunshine in the garden of her Holmby Hills home:

Rita Hayworth photographed by Peter Stackpole at her home in Beverly Hills, 1945:

Myrna Loy at home:

Jean Harlow at home, c. 1930s.:

William Holden and son at home:

David Niven and his wife ... and poodle:

Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart:

Carole Lombard in her backyard with her beloved dogs.:

Joan Crawford:


Ginger Rogers at home, 1947:

Mickey Rooney, Ann Rutherford, Judy Garland, Jackie Cooper and Marjorie Gestring - June 1939 at LB Mayer's birthday bash he tossed for Judy at his home in SM:

We'd like to travel back in time to take a dip with Jean Harlow at Home, circa 1935.:

Besos y feliz jueves!!!

Judy Garland in the back yard of her Stone Canyon home - Judy Garland Database: Judy Garland's Homes:

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  1. Sí!
    Espero poder ir a nadar un rato hoy.
    ; )

    Al biquini de Rita le sobra tela jajaajaj y ahora los hacen minúsculos,no hay quien se aclare...


  2. Y los vaqueros tendidos al sol, una foto graciosa. Abrazucos

    1. La quinta fotografía, al fondo se ven pantalones tendidos, no se si son vaqueros, pero me hizo gracia.

    2. Es verdad!! No me había dado cuenta!
      Buena observadora ESter!!

  3. Como yo, sentada en cualquier escalera! (Foto 8). Una manía como cualquier otra.
    Besos y gracias por los últimos post. He disfrutado mucho con ellos. :*