martes, 28 de marzo de 2017

Mary Tyler Moore Show Tv

Puros 70's...

Mary Rhoda and Phyllis Mary Tyler Moore Show set:

Mary Richards' Apartment on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show":

Rhoda Morgenstern wearing her trademark Boho Chic Style w/ long, flowing, sleeveless, beautiful cardigan sweater w/ wide, silk matching Dusty Rose belting ribbion, over short sleeved violet pullover top and long flowing, violet bellbottom slacks.  MTM is wearing a garish, organge dress / or blouse & skirt, looking like a layered w/ black trim outfit.:

mary tyler moore's apartment | The interior of Mary’s studio, which is pictured above, only ever ...:


Mary Tyler Moore Show:

Mary Richards dining area MTM Show:

Why shouldn't you wear a funny, padded skirt when entertaining at home?:

Besos y feliz martes!!!


4 comentarios:

  1. Ella murió hace poco y me dio mucha pena, recordaba la serie que en mi casa se veía. Un abrazo

  2. Que chulada de fotos! Y de moda y decoración y de todo.
    Y besitos.