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Cedric Gibbons art director

Algunos de los trabajos de Cedric Gibbons en el Hollywood de los 30 y 40..

Cedric Gibbons at MGM:

"Pleasure Crazed" 1929 Movie set by Cedric Gibbons, one of the founders of the Academy Awards & as well as designing the Oscar.  Tweets by Art Deco Designs @ArtDecoFineArt:

WIFE VS SECRETARY, 1936 Jean Harlow & Clark Gable. Another movie from MGM with Cedric Gibbons' #ArtDeco sets. Art Deco Designs (@ArtDecoFineArt) | Twitter:

Still from "Undercurrent" (1946).  Love the brother's ranch house living room which is very serene and surprisingly modern.:

art deco set design - Google Search:

A Cedric Gibbons set:

"The Women" (1939) Cedric Gibbons (Mary Haines' stairs):

On the set of "The Women" (1939) here we see the beautiful art direction Cedric Gibbons:

Scene from the 1939 film, "The Women," inspiration photo for Art Deco bungalow made from an old Firestone radio cabinet:

Still of Tyrone Power and Norma Shearer in Marie Antoinette:

Leslie Howard on the realized set of Juliet’s garden in Romeo and Juliet (1936…:

Forbidden Planet (1956),  dir. Fred M Wilcox,  Production Design Irving Block, Mentor Huebner. Art Direction Cedric Gibbons, Arthur Lonergan. Set Decoration Hugh Hunt, Edwin B. Willis.:

"Emerald City"  Set design stills from The Wizard of Oz. (M-G-M, 1939). Cedric Gibbons.:

The Wizard of Oz (1939) Nature provided the clouds seen during the opening credits; Cedric Gibbons and team provided everything else. The by-now familiar and beloved sets include a Kansas farm, a tornado (made of a 35-foot-tall spinning muslin sock), the cities Munshkin and Emerald, a haunted forest with personified trees, a witch’s castle and—running throughout most of this—a road of yellow brick.:

Wizard of Oz (1939), art direction by Cedric Gibbons.:

Cedric Gibbons and his Oscars:

Besos y feliz martes!!!

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