viernes, 31 de enero de 2014



Mirad que alegres portadas tenía el magazine juvenil Seventeen!



























Besos y feliz finde!!!






jueves, 30 de enero de 2014


Bonitas ilustraciones de antaño..
    ...una mezcolanza...

An Easter Greeting for You

Besos y feliz jueves!!!


miércoles, 29 de enero de 2014

Nat geo

      La espectacularidad de National Geographic una vez más...

                   A wealthy group of young people relax by a pool in California, 1940.Photograph by J. Baylor Roberts, National Geographic

Two balls dropped from the tower in Pisa replay Galileo’s experiment, November 1974.Photograph by Luis Marden, National Geographic

Young boys throw a ball on a lush green hillside below castle ruins in Warwickshire, England, 1968.Photograph by Ted Spiegel, National Geographic

A flock of birds fly up from an enclosed courtyard in Old Havana, December 1987.Photograph by James L. Stanfield, National Geographic

This glacial lake sits between mountains and a wild crag in Bavaria, Germany, December 1928.Photograph by Hans Hildenbrand, National Geographic

Giant dunes sculpted by the wind present a challenge for day hikers in Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado, May 1958.Photograph by William Ralph Gray, National Geographic

A little boy is dwarfed by a supersized cabbage in Matanuska Valley, Alaska, July 1959.Photograph by Thomas J. Abercrombie, National Geographic

Osterskar Island, Finland.Photograph by Thomas J. Abercrombie, National Geographic

In the light of early morning, the Vimy circles the pyramids at Giza on a dawn tour, May 1995.Photograph by James L. Stanfield, National Geographic

Young women look out on Kalapana Black Sand Beach in Hawaii. The beach gets its black color from volanic lava, November 1937.Photograph by Richard Hewitt Stewart, National Geographic

Original William Henry Jackson print held in the collection of the Colorado Historical Society. This is a hand-tinted print.Photograph by David Arnold, National Geographic

Skiers relax by a fire at a Stowe dormitory in Vermont, August 1967.Photograph by B. Anthony Stewart, National Geographic

A man and his dog on the Overhanging Rock in Yosemite National Park, May 1924.Photograph by Educational-Bruce Photograph

Seven siblings sit on a wooden fence in Quebec, Canada, May 1939.Photograph by Howell Walker, National Geographic

Besos y feliz miércoles!!!


martes, 28 de enero de 2014

Il parco piu bello d´Italia

 Aquí os traigo unos cuantos jardines italianos del estilo que taanto me gusta...

    ...algunos,parece que no pertenecen a este mundo...

I dieci parchi più belli e artistici d'Italia

I dieci parchi più belli e artistici d'Italia


Besos y feliz martes!!!