miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2015


No sé que tiene la oca...
...que desde que era pequeña me vuelve loca...

Comme mon beau canard blanc que j'ai tant aimé le temps d'un été comme animal de compagnie quand j'étais enfant :) ♥:

Ocas {by Paula, Galletilandia}:

dontcallmebetty:    (via Image library):


A walk through a lavender field...:

Goin' places...This picture means something to me in soooo many ways...all good!:
Mother Earth - I came across where many down pillow feather products come from...plucked alive geese who are held down! Do your karmic soul growth part and don't support hotels that use down pillows, comforters and don't buy them yourself! - Research where your food comes from, cosmetics, and go as eco friendly as possible with your life. It's really not hard.:

oil pastels project/ farm animals This is no time to be playing duck, duck, goose:


.She reminds me of Mother Goose...:-):

Lonely goose In the snow (1) From: FlickR, please visit:

I called it my Duckie and I loved it. I pulled off the blue scarf when I was about four years old. Played with it forever, rolled it around the yard listening to it quack and laughing about it,

We used to have a pet goose that looked like this. Her name was Gladys M. Knight and the Pips. We called her Gladys.:

8X11Beatrix Potter Mother Goose Jemima puddle duck by JPEGgen, $2.00:

White geese - Grandma had these and the gander would always protect her.  You had to watch out or you would get nipped.:

The Big Book of Mother Goose, illustrated by Alice Schelesinger; Grosset & Dunlap Publishers, New York, 1953.

Embden Geese are a heavy goose breed often raised for meat. They have been used as watch dogs. This breed is also raised for its down.:

<3 Mother Goose: "Oh! Good Morning! I wasn't expecting you until much later!":

Besos y feliz miércoles!!!

         Country Set: 'Goosie Goosie':

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  1. A mí me parecen muy graciosas, aunque luego digan que son peligrosas...


  2. No sabía lo de que dice Ro de su peligrosidad,son tan graciosas...


  3. Lo del peligro es porque son muy territoriales, pero tambien son muy grupales, les gusta la familia, la suya claro. Un abrazo

  4. Son preciosas :)

    Besos, buen miércoles ☼

  5. de oca a oca, por eso te gustan, porque tirabas dos veces.

  6. de oca a oca, por eso te gustan, porque tirabas dos veces.